Q&A: Laura Bordignon Antiques

24 May 2024

Bringing Japan to London this summer is Laura Bordignon Antiques, a specialist dealer in Japanese works from the Meji period (1868-1912). Exploring the interrelationship between archaic symbolism, contemporary mythologies and sophisticated craftsmanship, a selection of these exquisite objects will be exhibited at The Treasure House Fair from 27 June.

Laura Bordignon, founder and proprieter of Laura Bordignon Antiques.
Courtesy of Laura Bordignon Antiques

What are you looking forward to bringing to The Treasure House Fair?
The focus of the exhibition is sculptures by metalwork masters like Takaze Kozan, Sekiguchi Shinya and Kano Seiun. To complement this offering, I’m also showing a select grouping of silver and cloisonné enamel objects by artists like Ishikawa Katsunobu, Kobayashi Bishun, Ando Jubei and Namikawa Yasuyuki.

What makes The Treasure House Fair stand out from other art fairs?
I visited the fair last year and was impressed by the variety of disciplines showcased. It was full of marvelous and rare objects of the finest quality.

The elegant surroundings and its great central London location makes it a heaven for art lovers. I am really looking forward to participating in this prestigious event this June alongside so many of the world’s top dealers.

What are a few of your highlight pieces?
There are many highlights works, but the standout piece is a Japanese silver and shibuichi box by master Ishikawa Katsunobu, which is finely inlaid in gold, silver and shakudo, illustrated with two cranes on a shore among pine trees and crashing waves beneath a rising sun. The composition is well thought out and beautifully balanced. He was one of the most talented metalworkers of his time and also exhibited at many International exhibitions, including the Japan-British Exposition in 1910.

A Silver And Shibuichi Box With Two Cranes And Crashing Waves Beneath A Rising Sun, Meiji Period 1868-1912.
Courtesy of Laura Bordignon Antiques